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Photo of Brandon Pearce

Brandon Pearce

Welcome to my personal website.

So far, life has moved me through studying music, computer programming, 20+ years of serial entrepreneurship, 11 years of nomadic family travel (to 45 countries), spiritual exploration, photography, investing, and more.

These days, I’m full on into web3, trading and investing crypto, playing with AI and VR (I’m consistently a top 20 player in Blaston), and taking care of my health, while being present for my family as my kids are reaching adulthood.


Timeline of my Professional Experience



Trader, Speculator, Investor

I’m currently immersed in the crypto scene, including yield farming and trading. It takes a lot of time to stay on top of constant new developments, but it’s fun, and I look forward to seeing how these technologies can increase individual freedom, privacy, security, and more across many industries.




I bought this business in Jan 2020 and grew revenue by 10x in 3 years, with a team of 9. I sold it in 2023. This SaaS web and mobile app helps rabbit breeders track their rabbits.


Music Teacher’s Helper and Studio Helper

Founder and CEO

Created SaaS web and mobile applications to help music teachers and studio owners manage their student schedules and billing. Bootstrapped. Grew it to nearly $1M ARR and a team of 25. Hired a CEO to run it the last few years. Sold it in 2021.


Family Adventure Summit & More

Founder and CEO

Created live events for traveling families, including an annual conference for 400 people held in Canada, Mexico, and Bali with speakers, performances, and an engaging children’s program with dozens of volunteers and paid staff. Profits were donated to local charities. Also ran educational events for adults where our team gave training on long-term travel logistics, finances, and education. And also led 2-week family retreats in Bali and Romania.


Pearce On Earth

Nomadic Family Traveler

Slow-traveled the world with my family to 45 countries while setting up homebases in Costa Rica, Bali, Mexico, and Canada. See


MSC Imaging

Web Developer

Designed and Developed web-based document imaging software, a sales tracker CMS, and an e-commerce store for scanners.


B.S. in Computer Science

Weber State University


Brandags, Inc.

Founder and CEO

Designed, developed, and hosted custom websites and web applications for clients.

2016-2019, 2001-2006

Private Piano Teacher

And sometimes performed

Taught private piano lessons to children and adults in my home (and sometimes my students’ homes).

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Contact Me

If you’d like to reach out, feel free to send me an email by filling out this form.